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Account Director

Through his extensive experience in production and project management, not to mention a strangely unique (borderline OCD) ability to coordinate and organize, Ryan Cooley bridges all gaps between the creative and the client, allowing The Medium to provide top-notch service with complete transparency and accessibility.

Growing up an avid enthusiast in snowboarding, motocross and surfing, Cooley still managed to graduate from Arizona State University with a BS in Nutrition and minor in Biochemistry. Never departing from his core interests, including playing guitar in a mediocre (at best) punk rock band, Ryan temporarily lent his skills to a leading dietary supplement manufacturer, as well as his family’s business in the aerospace industry. Prior to launching The Medium in 2008 as a co-founder, Cooley served as Managing Editor at TransWorld Motocross magazine for 6 years.

Well-rounded with a hunger for all flavors of life, Cooley keeps The Medium’s projects, productions and operations in motion, and does so with perfectly organized stacks on his desk.


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